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Map Services

Link to Plan of Warsaw map service
Plan of Warsaw – a composition without the possibility of switching on and off the layers
Link to Warsaw Today map service
Warsaw today – an advanced map, allowing to switch on and off the selected layers.
Link to Historical map service
Historical Warsaw – a map that includes the historical data, such as archival cartographic materials, as well as the up-to-date data.
Link to Heritage list map service
Map of heritage assets in Warsaw containing information as follows: World Heritage Site, Statutory heritage listed assets, Locally listed heritage assets, Information regarding urban planning and cultural heritage of Warsaw.
Link to Property map service
Property map – enlarge to 1:4000 scale to get to know the land owner.
Link to Local Plans map service
A map of the local spatial development plans, including the approved plans (in raster or vector format) or the plans under development.
Link to Municipal Property map service
A map of the municipal property for sale and for lease, including the property planned for sale, held for sale (from the disposition) and open for tender (having a disposition for announcing the tender), as well as the property for lease in the bidding process, in the proposals competition and outside the competition.
Link to Cemeteries map service
A map of Warsaw cemeteries, including the database of the persons buried in the cemeteries: Stare Powązki, Evangelical Augsburg and Northern Municipal.
Link to Rejestr Cen Nieruchomości map service
A map of the prices registry and values of real estates [RCiWN], including the information on the property sales transactions and a map of average price per 1m2 of an apartment.
Link to Cycling map service
Warsaw Cycling – a map including the information for the cyclists.
Link to Renewable Energy Sources map service
A map of Renawable Energy Sources (RES) – a map of the sun exposure, low temperature geothermal energy (heat pumps) and range of the heat within the network.
Link to Geodesy map service
Map of the basic map elements - containing: data from EGiB, elements of underground, ground and aboveground infrastructure, control network signs and ranges of geodetic works.
Link to ADAPTCITY map service
Climate maps of Warsaw ADAPTCITY.

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Link to Noise Map service
Map showing noise levels in urban space, broken down by individual sources.
Link to Waly map service
Map service containing information on the objects comprising the passive flood protection system of the Capital City of Warsaw (SBOPPW), located along the Vistula River and Jeziorka River.
Link to Greenery map service
A map service presenting information on urban greenery. It contains inventory information on elements forming urban greenery, obtained from the Green Areas Database, data on natural monuments and a layer of green areas administrators. The Wiem o Wycince catalog presents information on proceedings for the removal of trees and shrubs. It also contains data from the Tree Crown Map with a breakdown by species and thematic maps based on it.
Map portal containing synchronized oblique photoplans in north, south, east, west and vertical photoplan made in 2018.


piątek, 28 maja 2021 Informujemy, że w serwisie mapowym, w katalogu Pomoc Społeczna, opublikowana została nowa warstwa – Różowe skrzyneczki. To projekt, którego celem jest walka z ubóstwem i wykluczeniem menstruacyjnym, zapewnienie powszechnego dostępu do bezpłatnych środków higieny intymnej w przestrzeni publicznej oraz dostęp do rzetelnej edukacji w zakresie miesiączkowania. W skrzyneczkach bezpłatnie dostępne są środki higieny intymnej dla kobiet.
poniedziałek, 22 marca 2021 On the Warsaw today map a new layer has been published – Points of distribution of masks.
Monday, February 15, 2021 On the Local plans map a new layer has been published - District and local centers (areas) with the possibility of designating downtown developments in the local plan and pursuant to the so-called housing specustave.
Thursday, February 4, 2021 We would like to kindly inform that the project to develop a Comprehensive Tree Crown Map for the area of the City of Warsaw has been completed. The project was carried out since August 2018 and required a number of complex works in terms of data acquisition (field, aerial) and their further processing.

The aforementioned work provided information on the species composition and health status of trees in the city for over 7 million designated tree crowns.

The information obtained in the course of the project on the distribution of trees, their taxonomic diversity and health condition is essential, among others, for the planning of tree maintenance, cuttings and planting, therefore the Tree Crowns Map will support the greenery management units in carrying out their tasks. The most numerous conifers are pines, whereas deciduous trees are oaks.

The data developed as part of the pilot study and the Comprehensive Tree Crown Map were available at Greenery map.
Wednesday, February 3, 2021 On the Local plans map a new directory has been published - Draft change to the Study – public review, with two new layers - Range of downtown development and Boundary of areas where it is possible to designate downtown developments in the local plan and pursuant to the so-called housing specustave.
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Please be advised that on January 20, 2021, Decree No. 48/2021 of the Mayor of the City of Warsaw on the Directory of City Object Names went into effect.


Please report problems, failures or suggestions to the e-mail address:

Office of Surveying and Cadastre (BGiK) also provides services:

  • WMS (Web Map Service) available on: //
  • WFS (Web Feature Service) available on: //
  • WFS (Web Feature Service) free data under "Tarcza 4.0" available on:
  • API, allows embedding maps in the HTML page. Documentation available for download (in polish): Dokumentacja
  • REST / SOAP. Documentation available for download (in polish): Dokumentacja

In order to display the map using the services WMS and WFS it is essential that you install the WMS client or use the map service that allows the connection to the above mentioned services.

Application for transformation between Warsaw local systems and PUWG2000 system available on: TransformacjaWarszawa_106.rar